Welcome Book Tips for Vacation Home Owners

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If you are the proud owner of a vacation rental, you need to take adequate care not only to maintain your vacation home, but also to provide all the vital items that can enhance the comfort of your guests and can be useful to them. One of the most crucial items which you can offer your guests is a welcome book or a basic guide that will provide them a snapshot of your vacation home as well as the city. 


In the book, you can include all the important details in a simple place, thereby assisting in reducing the queries from your Disney Vacation Homes guests. Additionally, with all the information provided in a single book, your guests will surely be impressed by your thoughtfulness. As it is rightly said that first impression is a lasting one, your guests will look forward to their stay in your vacation home, enhancing the chances of them giving a positive review about your property. 


Let us now discuss about the list of items which you can include in the welcome book: 


Vital information

• Wi-Fi network and password

• Amusement park passes

• Beach passes

• Information about the famous restaurants

• Details about the popular attractions

• Area maps

• Emergency contact numbers and address

• Departure instructions

• Cleaning staff time

• Garbage collection time

• Check out times


Location amenities

• Local attractions including amusement parks, beaches, outdoor fun

• Grocery stores

• Restaurants, including takeaway details and delivery options

• Dog park


Transport options

• Train stations

• Airport

• Taxi services

• Shuttle services

• Bus stand and routes

• Car and bike rentals and so on


Household supplies which you have provided

• Food products

• Linens

• Extra bedding

• Paper towels

• Toilet paper etc.


How to use guide

• Water system

• Entertainment system


• Appliances

• Air conditioner

• Heating system


Make sure to keep the welcome book in a place where your guests can easily find it on arrival. For instance, you can keep it in the kitchen counter or living area table. Additionally, ensure that all the information which you list down is easy to discover. You can use a binder with tabs to separate each section. Apart from giving all the information, you can even think of keeping a welcome letter at the start of the book. You can add a short note of thanks that will make your guests instantly comfortable in your Vacation Homes Rentals!